Article 1 – Frozen seafood- how to select and serve

Selecting the right kind of frozen seafood is a tricky business. You need to put the meat through its paces. The best choice when buying frozen seafood is to ensure they are stored properly on a thick sheet of ice. The storage container also needs to be covered well in order to maintain moisture.

The odor of the fish should be mild and pleasant. The flesh should be firm, resilient and spring back when pressure is applied. The eyes of the fish need to be clear and slightly bulgy. Also shellfish needs to be translucent and sufficiently moisturized. Always study the packaging carefully and determine whether the fish is safe to consume.

Serving your seafood

  • Illness causing bacteria tend to grow very quickly at warmer temperatures. It is always suggested to not keep your seafood unrefrigerated for more than a couple of hours max.
  • Carry picnic seafood or fish in a cooler box and always keep it under a shade.
  • Refrigerated food needs to be reheated prior to serving. When partying, keep cold seafood cold and hot seafood hot until served.

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